Monday, March 10, 2008

Vo da (F#CK) fone

You just wont believe this, I called up someone with a Vodafone caller tune 2 days ago, I guess by mistake I must have pressed * , next thing I know, I get a message from Vodafone saying that your caller tunes will be activated soon, and some Enrique bullshit song would be set as your caller tune ( WTF!!) I called up customer care, telling them that the 50 Rs or something haven’t been credited and so don’t activate caller tunes as it happened by mistake, I was expecting a “sure sir, no balance will be credited to your account” but what I get is “sir I’m sorry, all these transactions take place directly from the server and we cant do anything about it!!!” I was pissed but thought that it was my fault in the first place so I guess it was okay. I deactivate caller tunes (no self respecting guy can keep Enrique as a caller tune), curse Vodafone again and sleep off,

Remember lightning doesn’t strike twice?? Well I guess it does, DAY II: I call the same person again, but she didn’t pick up so I disconnected the call, and after I had disconnected the call I typed *#06# (just like that, out of habit I guess), 5 minutes later I get a message saying caller tunes will be activated soon, this time really fuming I call up customer care, the bastard had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault!! Here is a snippet from our conversation :
SK: Sir you shouldn’t have pressed * after the call
RB: WTF is wrong with you, cant I even press * after I have disconnected??
SK: Yes sir, but if the server has recorded your keystroke then I cant do anything, you should hope that has not happened.
RB: WTF do you mean by HOPE??? Why the hell should I HOPE??
SK: Sorry sir, I cant help you with this, I can understand, do you want help on any other matter?? Thank you for calling Vodafone.

My balance which was 100 and something is down to a cool -15 Rs ( yes minus 15 ), GREAT.

Well now I know how Arun Sarin ( read: Supreme Commander of Vodafone) bought a Porsche for his kid.

Oh had English board today, nothing much to say about it ( that why there was no AISSCE – English post), except the fact that my invigilator told me to look in the mirror, BITCH.

And one more thing Virgin Mobile, started this new thing about paying you for incoming, the catch is that is only for students, and you get 10 paise per minute, do the math and you realize that an hour of talk will get you 6 Rupees!! Well one thing that Richard Branson has realized is that INDIANS DON’T READ FINE PRINT.


Swati said...

hey..gud to c a fellow delhiite here...well..i m still of the opinion tat the male -female blogger ratio is a balanced one coz my xperience tells me a diff story..nwayz all the best 4 ur boards..

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Thanks, and I guess that is possible, as we havn't come across the same blogs.