Monday, July 11, 2016

Horn OK Please.

So the 17 year old who started this blog is 25, and he hasn't written words-that-aren't-part-of-coding-syntaxes in a long time, so he might just be rusty. The bright side though, is that no one's here any more, all the action is at Wordpress Tumblr Quora Medium. So just in case you're a teen  who stumbled across this post, don't judge me, but THAT is how much of an old timer I am. Also, the 140'th character is long gone so you can stop now.  Just kidding, your generation doesn't read tweets. It sexts on snapchat.

Trust me, its beyond scary to think, that I could write better when I was a 17 year old. What if it's not just the lack of practice? What if it's because I had, gasp, more clarity of thought? THAT is saying something, mainly because then, judging by my posts from 2008, my thought process, could be summarised by:

1. Wanting to get laid.
2. Hoping dad lets me drive.
3. Trying to sneak alcohol from someplace.

1. Drunken sex, while driving.

Admittedly, ^that seems like an enticing  thought now too,  but I hope you get my point.

I can only conclude this post as I resolve to wait and see if  future correspondence (yeah, it's coming baby) clears the self doubts.

PS: Till then I'll just go the easy way and submit my will to the blogging gods.
PPS: Hope they also answer drunken-sex-driving prayers.