Monday, August 16, 2010

Vindictive posting...



My little well is just a drop in front of the mighty sea that is life...

2. Heloozzzz ppl, u kno 2day v went to da movies, it was vry nyc fun guyzz, me nd ol ma frnds hd a grt tym, v hd iyc cream nd chips too. YUMMM!... and so on.

3. Life is meaningless.Life IS a bitch. Why do people you love the most always hurt you? After (insert time) of supposed love how could he/she rip open my chest, tear out my heart and smear it all over the walls around me! I could have done anything for him/her but he/she just didn't care.... and so on.

4. I'm just en route to the quest that encompasses life's innate and unending urge for serendipity and congruence. My purpose is to extricate a retort that's simplistic albeit not simple, as channeling the fortitude to climb the rock strewn road is just as imperative.... et cetera.


Okay, so THIS is a very personal post, we all keep coming across posts that are engrossing, quirky, cool and sometimes even life altering, well this one is about the ones that are none of those things. In fact, its about the posts that I hate.

1. Listen, you're basically trying to fool people into seeing things that aren't there, I mean, in a well done up post like this one, your readers would probably start commenting on how they practically orgasm-ed and attained nirvana all while looking at 4 near naked people in the middle of a river on a bamboo boat.

2. Too much of pain to read, this is NOT an sms, you're NOT paying per character, at least write complete words even if you don't care for punctuation.

3. Yes, I hear you, and I sympathize, so do ALL your friends, and ALL the people who've commented on your Facebook Status Messages and spent hours consoling you over the phone. But posting stuff about what a bitch life is, and how its doing you in the ass, will NOT help you, people don't know what to say to this man, so apart from the ' It'll get better soon's and the 'Take it in your stride, happens' there's not much you can expect.

4. There's a reason why archaic Shakespearean English is not used in day to day conversation, and that's because people find it LAME! It is NOT cool to write like you're Queen Elizabeth, and its not that people don't know what 'antidisestablishmentarianism' (firefox detects this as a typo, maybe I typed it wrong) means, they simply consider typing it to be too much of a pain in the ass.

Hope I've made my point clear.

Ohh and I think this is where I add the necessary disclaimers about how its just my perspective and how if you think that people have the right to write the way they want to, its okay and that the picture is not just 4 naked men in the middle of the river, but in fact it is the key to the secret of life....

Come on people, Life is just as complicated as you perceive it to be, and if the stuff I write is the amalgamation of exactly what all you hate in people's writing styles, then I'm sorry, but there's nothing you can do about it.

P.S. The 'start/' '/stop' probably come from the extensive coding I've been doing in mark-ups which also reminds me how much I hate insanely technical blogs that most fellow IITians have. Geeks are douches.