Monday, May 26, 2008

A danger to those around me?


This post is about what transpired at a petrol pump in Punjabi Bagh, concerning me, mera dost and a fat lady, while I was driving my friends swift, when? You guessed it, yesterday.

Okay, due to certain events that happened ,see here, I really couldn’t drive a lot, and yesterday I just felt like driving around, so laying waste to my friends demands of going to some pub (I mean he actually suggested Bacchus !! Bacchus = cheapest place I know which can also pass of as a brothel), I decided just to drive around. Okay I guess ill fast forward through the part in which I’m supposed to describe the lush green meadows and the scenery and tell you about the incident.

Okay the scene of the crime was a petrol pump ( you wouldn’t have guessed would you?) there was a couple (so as to speak) which had just gotten off from a scooter and were using the i-don’t-know-what-its-called in front me. The guy was ummm, I don’t even remember what he was like that just shows that he was a part of the nameless and faceless millions but the female was HUGE, I mean the largest individual I have ever come across ever!! Anyways my amigo noticed,
HIM:I dare you to hit the fat one, in frount of the car.
HIM: Chal, for 1000 bucks.
ME: Dude your soo juvenile.
HIM: Soo your backing out ryt?? LOOSER.
I was less than game for the challenge (as you may have noticed!! But hey he was going too far!!), anyways I took it, and just pretended to look at the side and nudged her at like 2 km/hr and 50 rpm, that’s when colossus fell, fell hard. I got out and tried my best to help. I would have actually succeeded in keeping a straight face, but my friend decided that the best course of action was to laugh wildly while thumping the bonnet of the car. That didn’t exactly help, so in my attempts to help her I ended up coming across as umm a not very nice person, well I was shooed away as I watched the victim try to get up and fail I guess she would have managed it in the end after being helped buy her husband and half a dozen attendants. I got of out that place, collected the well earned 1000 bucks. Reached home. And I run into my mom at the gate! Then it happened.

HIM: Aunty you have quite a child!!
MOM: Why what happened?
ME: Nothing maa, he just means to say that I can drive well.
HIM: Haan haan, hitting pedestrians does qualify as driving nicely!
MOM: What??
ME: ( I give up at this point of time and leave, praying that he doesn’t relay too much to mother dearest)

15 minutes later I am confronted by dad. This is what I hate about Sundays, I mean parents are everywhere!! Trust me he didn’t see humor anywhere, I mean what was an innocent nudge at 2 km/hr which wouldn’t even hurt a fly was made to look like an attempt to murder!! Dad went on and on about how I was actually a danger to those around me, and how the next thing I know I might be involved in random street killings. All in all he made me feel like a rapist, and it wasn’t over there, dad drove me to that bastard’s place to give back the 1000 bucks, I didn’t even attempt to ask him is I could drive!

The worst part here is that I can kiss the Fabia I was supposed to get college first year goodbye!! Lesson learnt, next time you do what your friend dared you to do, just don’t bring him home!!

All in all just another day with me and my luck
PS:Okay, Just in case you think I'm an evil demented bastard, please understand that it wasn't meant to cause her harm. She wouldn't have fallen too if she was't slightly chubby. I respect women, and I made sure that I wasn't supposed to hurt her. It was just a harmless little nudge from a car something that I am sure that you have gotten. I hope you people don't take me for a convict (like certain blood relatives of mine) and take this incident in the good humour it was intended. So if you feel I was wrong in anyway, I'm Sorry, thers nothing you can do about it..

Friday, May 9, 2008

The days that shone out.

Have had a difficult time trying to post, because my cousin came from Mumbai to spend what is looking like an eternity with his mom’s sister’s son (ME). And for reasons you may know, I would like it if my familia don’t stumble across Carbon Cluster. Soo ill just rush through some important days from the 21st April (read: the last post).

27th April
AIEEE, in a nutshell, easy shit, I think ill make 200 something,( which is SEXY on the lack of a better word). The magical bit about AIEEE is that, you can top but still end up going to some second grade rip off like NIT Vallana ( im sure im spelling this wrong but that’s what it sounded like when a friend told about it over the phone)

Oh and this the day I turned 17 years and 7 months ( I know nothing much to celebrate but trust me, you NEED something to write about when you are blogging after a month)

2nd May
Met Nishka, I know I don’t really Shout about her a lot, but here is a crash course, met her through a friend in July last year, she was living in some remote district of Tamil Nadu then, I guess I’m a sucker for rural upbringing, maybe I shouldn’t push more than this, golden rule of being a guy, never get on the wrong side of a girl with sexy eyes. So the venue was this road in front of Shankar Vihar, and the most important meeting of the year was actually a 20 min walk under the baking Delhi sun on a baking Delhi afternoon, but I guess the sun lost its sting and they were 20 minutes of pure bliss, so if you read this Nishka, thanks.

6th May
Went to watch Iron Man, well I’m not the types who’ll come out and shout “PHAADOO MOVIE THI YAAR, THOK DI MOVIE NE!!” nor am I the types who’ll complain about the character development and the direction, so without being articulate all I can describe it with is a ‘Nice Movie, worth a watch’. Well the reason why im bloging about this in the first place is the hall. I mean there were two people in IT. Guess that’s what you expect from Fun Cinemas Motinagar, lesson learnt, Motinagar is as much of a turn off as is sounds. Here have a look at the hall 5 minutes before the movie.

7th May
DCE, well if you have read enough of my blog this would come to you. Well this fine day, I actually got an end put to my (and my mom’s, dad’s, uncles’, aunts’…. basically every known member of my family’s) worries. It was easier than I thought it would be, I mean it took me less than 5 minutes to get my Left Hand Thumb Impression at the required places, mom on the other hand just couldn’t comprehend why I was so cheerful, when I pointed out that completing a form was not exactly a solemn occasion she was quick to snap back with a “None of this would have happened, if only you were a bit responsible!”. Look at the pictures for a bit, i never thought that a stamp pad could give me this much of happiness.

All these days were quite eventful, and if the times weren’t so turbulent I would have written a post about each one individually so for OBVIOUS reasons I thought I would put them a medley.

So from finally completing my DCE form to MOST IMPORTANTLY, finally meeting the SWEETEST GIRL OUT THERE there, its been a nice 20 days. :)
libra boy (yup that’s what all online astrological sites refer to me as!!)