Monday, March 24, 2008

this day goes real long

Anything that can possibly go wrong, does - Murphy's Law.

I remember when a friend told me about this law in 7th he had to face a lot of ridicule and slander but yesterday I realized that it most probably is the governing principle of life.

If you don’t have time just close the browser because here goes the description of a looong day.

By evening yesterday, I found myself driving myself to get a haircut ( you would know the desperate measures moms have to resort to convince you yo get one) , so I was parking the car and this auto came pelting in the wrong side and ripped of the side of my Nanu’s car, I dont think I felt much, but when I looked out IT WAS SCARY, I mean my car could have actually fitted in a “ HEAD ON COLLISION 5 DEAD” type of story. Here have a look.

Unfortunately there was this police chauki nearby, in what looked like seconds this hefti Jatt was next to me. He said its okay and asked me for my license ( Well if you have read enough of my blog you would kno that I’m 17 I don’t have one!!) , so while the auto wala was carried away I was let of by a Rs 900 fine for not carrying my license ( I don’t know if there is any such thing) , I reach back home, and after some well uhh non parliamentary discussion with my parents my dad confronted me, I thought it would be another round of “you should be more responsible”, “ you are almost an adult” , “ why don’t you study??” , “why don’t you polish your shoes??” etc etc . but this was shocking, heres how it went:

DAD : do you have a girlfriend?
ME : uhh no dad , where did that come from??
DAD : then why has this girl sent you an SMS saying “ luv u sheepy”??
ME : ( consider telling him that sheepy might refer to someone else, but he looked like he had a pretty good idea of what was going on , so decide against it)

(Here is what happened, for the first time in 8 months I left my cell at home when I left, it was on vibrator, but also the lights were out in my room, and the door was open, the fact that a picture was associated with the ‘contact in question’ didn’t help much either. )

DAD : you know I don’t mind, but this is not the time. ( BASICALLY HE DOES MIND),

An hour of what you can guess later, I jumped into my bed to end what was a long day.

So I guess my parents image of me as a kid in a boy’s school with no contact with the fairer sex has changed dramatically. And to think I was starting to find life monotonous, thanks for making it interesting Nishka :) .

I publish this post hoping that my mom hasn’t yet found my blog, but by my luck she probably is an avid reader by now!!

Oh I got my IIT admit card today, it really excited my mom, to me it signifies 1000 bucks and a failed attempt.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Math today!! Well went off pretty much as I expected it to. It amazes me how monotonous board exams can be.

When it hit me that I had 9 days to prepare for maths I thought that I would prepare well in advance so as to not avoid the last minute cramming I did in Physics and Chemistry. Not exactly sticking to this resolution I found myself up at 5:30 AM so I could do Linier Programming. One thing that I have so learnt is that it is pretty much pointless to make such a resolution for the break (read: 10 Days) I have for Computer Science.

I guess this post shows completes a month of blogging for me, in a nutshell this has been kinda fun, something one can get addicted to, I was advised by a friend (unasked for, that is) two days ago, that “to get more readership , you should try going into more general topics and try to not blatantly speak your mind about people and/or companies”. Well Sahil, the purpose of this blog was never to get readership, I made it to vent my thoughts out, and as for blatantly speaking my mind, I guess it IS my decision, I am sorry, there is nothing you can do about it. :)

rahul .....again

Saturday, March 15, 2008

wierd freaky shit....

Oh this is something I have to talk about, its called the brainwave generator, it uses binaural waves to stimulate the brain, the scientific explanation is pretty believable, basically tunes the brain by playing a particular frequency, through your earphones and you can put the sound on a low volume and continue working, the frequency you choose will affect your state of mind as follows:

Frequency range
State of mind
0.5Hz - 4Hz
Deep sleep
4Hz - 8Hz
Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
8Hz - 14Hz
Relaxed but alert
14Hz - 30Hz
Highly alert and focused

The program has a lot of presets built in which include sleeping, concentration, concentration while sleeping (well not this one , but you get what I mean ) etc…. but there is a section called OOBE ( out of body experiences) which really freaked me out, here you find some presets which claim to cause weird experiences, from getting high to flying over London!! This last bit really reminds me of science fiction , there were people who claimed to stimulate ENCOUNTERS WITH ALIENS through these beats!! I don’t kno if that is really possible but you know Americans will believe anything. The fear of being caught unconscious on the floor, frothing from the mouth by my parents prevented me from using this thing, you are welcome to try it but please tell me abut your experiences. (basically it’s a nice way of saying , BE MY LABRAT)

So the greatest thing science has done so far or the invention of someone who needs shock treatment, we don’t know. (but really Alien Encounters?? That sounds like utter crap to me. )

Well nothing else is going on nowadays, so nothing much to blog about (but hey you don’t expect a 17 year old to cure cancer or something, do you??), life is pretty much uneventful, have a Math Board in 5 days, not very worrying, when you take into account the 96 I got in the Preboards. So presently there is not a lot of education in my life.

rahul …..duhh

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vo da (F#CK) fone

You just wont believe this, I called up someone with a Vodafone caller tune 2 days ago, I guess by mistake I must have pressed * , next thing I know, I get a message from Vodafone saying that your caller tunes will be activated soon, and some Enrique bullshit song would be set as your caller tune ( WTF!!) I called up customer care, telling them that the 50 Rs or something haven’t been credited and so don’t activate caller tunes as it happened by mistake, I was expecting a “sure sir, no balance will be credited to your account” but what I get is “sir I’m sorry, all these transactions take place directly from the server and we cant do anything about it!!!” I was pissed but thought that it was my fault in the first place so I guess it was okay. I deactivate caller tunes (no self respecting guy can keep Enrique as a caller tune), curse Vodafone again and sleep off,

Remember lightning doesn’t strike twice?? Well I guess it does, DAY II: I call the same person again, but she didn’t pick up so I disconnected the call, and after I had disconnected the call I typed *#06# (just like that, out of habit I guess), 5 minutes later I get a message saying caller tunes will be activated soon, this time really fuming I call up customer care, the bastard had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault!! Here is a snippet from our conversation :
SK: Sir you shouldn’t have pressed * after the call
RB: WTF is wrong with you, cant I even press * after I have disconnected??
SK: Yes sir, but if the server has recorded your keystroke then I cant do anything, you should hope that has not happened.
RB: WTF do you mean by HOPE??? Why the hell should I HOPE??
SK: Sorry sir, I cant help you with this, I can understand, do you want help on any other matter?? Thank you for calling Vodafone.

My balance which was 100 and something is down to a cool -15 Rs ( yes minus 15 ), GREAT.

Well now I know how Arun Sarin ( read: Supreme Commander of Vodafone) bought a Porsche for his kid.

Oh had English board today, nothing much to say about it ( that why there was no AISSCE – English post), except the fact that my invigilator told me to look in the mirror, BITCH.

And one more thing Virgin Mobile, started this new thing about paying you for incoming, the catch is that is only for students, and you get 10 paise per minute, do the math and you realize that an hour of talk will get you 6 Rupees!! Well one thing that Richard Branson has realized is that INDIANS DON’T READ FINE PRINT.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

a slice of pizza.....

Okay this is something that happened last night, I had gone to Domino’s with a friend - I usually avoid that place in the day, because of the fear of running into teachers from VMC, but that’s another story- so me and my fried ordered a large pizza ( read Non Veg Extravaganza) , a slice fell in the car, so I just threw the slice outside, I guess a dog or something took it, as if I cared, I prepare to leave and then it happened….

This kid (around 10 years old) shooed the dog away so he could have whats left , he must have been some workers kid, I’m sure he wasn’t starved and its not as if he cant get a square meal a day, itni bhi poverty nahin hai Delhi mein, but the fact was that he wanted to taste something new, and to him a stray dog taking a bite out of his slice didn’t matter much, this made me think, that life is so unfair, he didn’t mind a dog bitten slice while I so continently threw a fallen one away, I’m not trying to say that we should eat fallen slices or something but I just wanted to point out exactly how is India (read ‘Future Superpower’) going.

That’s it. I guess just an incident, nothing much to comment on, just felt like sharing it.

Later again…..

Friday, March 7, 2008


Board exam no 2.Well this time around I was worried, really worried, I was kind of prepared but there way too much of microscopic shit in physics to cram,

‘you cant make a paper entirely on microscopic shit’
was what I was saying to myself when I entered, and I guess I was kind of right, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, though it did have a sufficient amount of microscopic shit but I guess it wasn’t meant to be a cake walk after all.

Coming into today’s exam I had the impression that the invigilators at my centre were good, guess I was wrong, they were GREAT, I mean we were left for what seemed like hours in the room without an invigilator in the room, I guess they only left for about 5 minutes in one go, but that was more than sufficient.

So with chemistry and physics done I can say that my Board exams are as good as over, well I do have an English exam on Monday but the desire to start my course en route to the centre is high because I don’t think I should waste the weekend on something like English.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Okay my first board - chemistry - just happened, and it went quite well considering my confidence level, here’s a snippet from a conversation with my chemistry teacher before the exam in front of our centre, you will get a pretty good idea idea.

PA: hey Rahul , all prepared naa??
RB: haan ma`am you can say that….
PA: (kinda worried) don’t worry, it will all be fine.
RB: (as innocently as possible) ma`am is P BLOCK important??
PA: (really worried) what??? …ummm ….aaahhh …….BEST OF LUCK. (gives the ‘you will need it ’ look and walks away)

Well as you can see I really wasn’t in one of my more confident moods as I entered the centre. But things changed considerably, the invigilators were regularly checking us for talking, and had a very good idea that the class was divided into two parts – those who were cheating and those who were attempting to cheat. All in all just another school exam.

PS: basically just wanted to remind you that I NEVER HAVE TO DO CHEMISTRY AGAIN!!