Saturday, March 15, 2008

wierd freaky shit....

Oh this is something I have to talk about, its called the brainwave generator, it uses binaural waves to stimulate the brain, the scientific explanation is pretty believable, basically tunes the brain by playing a particular frequency, through your earphones and you can put the sound on a low volume and continue working, the frequency you choose will affect your state of mind as follows:

Frequency range
State of mind
0.5Hz - 4Hz
Deep sleep
4Hz - 8Hz
Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
8Hz - 14Hz
Relaxed but alert
14Hz - 30Hz
Highly alert and focused

The program has a lot of presets built in which include sleeping, concentration, concentration while sleeping (well not this one , but you get what I mean ) etc…. but there is a section called OOBE ( out of body experiences) which really freaked me out, here you find some presets which claim to cause weird experiences, from getting high to flying over London!! This last bit really reminds me of science fiction , there were people who claimed to stimulate ENCOUNTERS WITH ALIENS through these beats!! I don’t kno if that is really possible but you know Americans will believe anything. The fear of being caught unconscious on the floor, frothing from the mouth by my parents prevented me from using this thing, you are welcome to try it but please tell me abut your experiences. (basically it’s a nice way of saying , BE MY LABRAT)

So the greatest thing science has done so far or the invention of someone who needs shock treatment, we don’t know. (but really Alien Encounters?? That sounds like utter crap to me. )

Well nothing else is going on nowadays, so nothing much to blog about (but hey you don’t expect a 17 year old to cure cancer or something, do you??), life is pretty much uneventful, have a Math Board in 5 days, not very worrying, when you take into account the 96 I got in the Preboards. So presently there is not a lot of education in my life.

rahul …..duhh


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Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Did you try?? I tried " Sleep Induction General" and though it did'nt put me to sleep i was cosiderably drousy after 15 min, I guess that was partly because it was 12 am..

Anonymous said...

I tried idoser's VERY mild as compared to the real thing; thing is, my ears ached afterwards. I don't think its that great.