Saturday, March 1, 2008


Okay my first board - chemistry - just happened, and it went quite well considering my confidence level, here’s a snippet from a conversation with my chemistry teacher before the exam in front of our centre, you will get a pretty good idea idea.

PA: hey Rahul , all prepared naa??
RB: haan ma`am you can say that….
PA: (kinda worried) don’t worry, it will all be fine.
RB: (as innocently as possible) ma`am is P BLOCK important??
PA: (really worried) what??? …ummm ….aaahhh …….BEST OF LUCK. (gives the ‘you will need it ’ look and walks away)

Well as you can see I really wasn’t in one of my more confident moods as I entered the centre. But things changed considerably, the invigilators were regularly checking us for talking, and had a very good idea that the class was divided into two parts – those who were cheating and those who were attempting to cheat. All in all just another school exam.

PS: basically just wanted to remind you that I NEVER HAVE TO DO CHEMISTRY AGAIN!!

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Apparently intellectual said...

Tell me abt it! i hate chemistry! that was one of the reasons i decided against engg. stupid or sensible ..that is what chem did to my life!