Saturday, March 8, 2008

a slice of pizza.....

Okay this is something that happened last night, I had gone to Domino’s with a friend - I usually avoid that place in the day, because of the fear of running into teachers from VMC, but that’s another story- so me and my fried ordered a large pizza ( read Non Veg Extravaganza) , a slice fell in the car, so I just threw the slice outside, I guess a dog or something took it, as if I cared, I prepare to leave and then it happened….

This kid (around 10 years old) shooed the dog away so he could have whats left , he must have been some workers kid, I’m sure he wasn’t starved and its not as if he cant get a square meal a day, itni bhi poverty nahin hai Delhi mein, but the fact was that he wanted to taste something new, and to him a stray dog taking a bite out of his slice didn’t matter much, this made me think, that life is so unfair, he didn’t mind a dog bitten slice while I so continently threw a fallen one away, I’m not trying to say that we should eat fallen slices or something but I just wanted to point out exactly how is India (read ‘Future Superpower’) going.

That’s it. I guess just an incident, nothing much to comment on, just felt like sharing it.

Later again…..

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