Friday, June 19, 2009

Whales and relationships.

Call me Ishmael.

Actually........ don’t. I haven’t really mastered how to start posts, so that’s why I picked up the first sentence of the most boring book I have ever read (Read: Moby Dick). In fact boring doesn’t even begin to cover it, the fact that someone can actually accomplish such torture in 860 pages of the English language is actually very surprising! And yeah, mom (and the rest of the Earth) thinks it’s a classic. Duh.

Well this post really isn’t about big white whales that we grew up watching on Cartoon Network, and no, its not about college either, its actually about umm...... relationships (yes, everyone with a blog seems to spend half his life writing about them.).

This isn’t one of those “SPURNED LOVER KILLS EX-FLAME, FAMILY, SELF.” stories. It’s just that all around me, people are soo full of their relationships. I mean, I know people who have spent hours discussing their girlfriend’s haircuts, their boyfriend’s pets, his eyes, her eyes, his hair, her hair, his nails, her nails… you get what I mean right? Its not like I think mind talking to people about things like this (Really, an 18 year old on vacation doesn’t have a lot of things to occupy him) but what I mean is, yes, its amazing to in love but is it a part of your life or the part of it? How much of love, is actually too much of it?

Seriously, it makes life meaningless to define it around one individual (especially when there are 6 billion of them to choose from.)

Waiting for the 24th, will get to know where I’m heading by then.


P.S.: Well actually when I came online 10 minutes ago I really didn’t have anything to write about. I mean I was actually considering throwing an abstract photograph at you with a caption like ‘The ecstasy, the ardent times, all are gone..... all are none.’ And then pretending like I know what that meant. So considering what I had in mind, this ad hoc post seems nothing short of a masterpiece :).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Angels and Khakras

Okay, its down to Civil/Chemical Engineering at IIT Delhi/Bombay or Computer Science at IIT Guwahati. Yeah! These were the colleges I was talking about in my last post, its not like I was expecting to cause knee-jerk hysteria, but no one even noticed!

Everyone around me, has a lot to say, the least helpful of it seems to be my dad, who in attempt to make up for his absence (read: Malaysia.) seems to be saying anything that comes to his mind. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“don’t worry, you always develop a special bond with your alma mater (yes, he does talk like that!) despite its location, I love my college even though I had to live off khakra for 2 years in ( IIM ) Ahmedabad.”

Yes dad, love you for drawing a parallel between some remote terrorist infected corner of Assam and Gujarati food!

P.S: Saw ‘Angels and Demons’ yesterday. It not being aired at any multiplex compelled me to go to Sangam Cinema! I'm not really the type who would rip a movie apart and get into a detailed discussion about charector development and direction, but really someone who would brave through going to a hall that shows movies like "खुनी दरिंदा, प्यासा हैवान। ", will definitely be left disappointed.



P.P.S: And THIS is for those of you who think that tamil is difficult. I bet a lot of you have seen it though.