Sunday, June 7, 2009

Angels and Khakras

Okay, its down to Civil/Chemical Engineering at IIT Delhi/Bombay or Computer Science at IIT Guwahati. Yeah! These were the colleges I was talking about in my last post, its not like I was expecting to cause knee-jerk hysteria, but no one even noticed!

Everyone around me, has a lot to say, the least helpful of it seems to be my dad, who in attempt to make up for his absence (read: Malaysia.) seems to be saying anything that comes to his mind. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“don’t worry, you always develop a special bond with your alma mater (yes, he does talk like that!) despite its location, I love my college even though I had to live off khakra for 2 years in ( IIM ) Ahmedabad.”

Yes dad, love you for drawing a parallel between some remote terrorist infected corner of Assam and Gujarati food!

P.S: Saw ‘Angels and Demons’ yesterday. It not being aired at any multiplex compelled me to go to Sangam Cinema! I'm not really the type who would rip a movie apart and get into a detailed discussion about charector development and direction, but really someone who would brave through going to a hall that shows movies like "खुनी दरिंदा, प्यासा हैवान। ", will definitely be left disappointed.



P.P.S: And THIS is for those of you who think that tamil is difficult. I bet a lot of you have seen it though.


Apparently intellectual said...

Congratulations for making it to IIT!
well, unwanted advice-

In case you are confused between whether to choose branch over college or vice versa, i'd say choose branch!
and guwahati is not that bad after all. Dont worry abt the ragging bit. I have my friends there, they'l take care of you.

Swati said...

"but really someone who would brave through going to a hall that shows movies like "खुनी दरिंदा प्यासा हैवान। "
hehe...What a title !
really brave..
and hey, congrats for making it to IIT. :)

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@Apparently intellectual: Thanks for the advice. Its really nice to hear something that's not diplomatic.

Ohh, and about the ragging, thanks. The least I was expecting was a dip in the Brahmaputra!

@Swati: Yeah, I know, and I won't be surprised if thats actually a movie.:)

Japmeet said...

delhi/mumbai -> dude lets go for a party, get stoned or do something crazy

madras/chennai -> sgshgihrsgtljdfchgd'rgguis gfiskfgsuifg fuesgfiesjts (a failed attempt to translate 'dude lets go for a party, get stoned or do something crazy' to tamil)

guwahati -> dude, lets just stay indoors, you never know when our seniors might send us to get them a movie or food from the city and we might run into a terrorist/maoist/naxalite camp

ps:- no offense rahul, but I seriously think guwahati is not a place to go, no not even for a year, for touring, maybe but definitely not for studies. You can make out how guwahati changed my brother and i am sure you don't want to live the same life, except for the kind of money he ears :)

d gypsy! said...

congrats thr

"खुनी दरिंदा, प्यासा हैवान। ", lolllllllz...

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@ Japmeet: dude, thanks for the honest and comprehensive advice.

@Gypsy: Thanks a lot.