Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweet Olives

I guess this is the longest I have gone without a post, frankly because life is such a dud, nothing much is happening these days.

Well I’m writing a book with one of my friends, actually he is the one writing I’m just making sure that the character ‘influenced’ by me isn’t sidelined and being a lucid writer myself my creative inputs can only help ~smile~, (considering I don’t know what exactly does lucid mean, maybe I may not be THAT good), so anyways this book is about the last two years at school , when we come off fresh with straight 90’s in 10 th and look at the world as our oyster, it covers how we dwell into the finer joys of life, like hanging out at Priya’s, Rajinder Da Dhaba, Hookas, Drums of Heaven, Hash, McDonalds (well I’m not exactly the Happy meal kid but hasn’t every grown up in a McDonalds), when we start looking at the rainbow as something more than just the dispersion of light and when we realize that girls are more important than the Law of Radioactive Decay. Frankly if some other 17 year old told me about his intentions to write a book I would have seen LAME written all over him, and even though I know that the book is most probably going to be shelved I really cant help but acknowledge how important these two years have been, and even though I might not be able to dedicate a book to them I have at least dedicated a post. Ohh and Sweet Olives is the tentative name for ANONYMOUS’s book, dude if u read this I hope I don’t get a notice for plagiarism.

On a related yet different topic I went to DCE today ( see last post – ‘fingers and prints’) or more like I was forced to drive to what looked liked West Bengal by my angel of a mother. The campus is just huge and looks really deserted, on reaching there I was told that I would be called to complete the errors in my form and I should not have come without being called, which was almost word to word of what I had been screaming at my mother for the past week. Its shocking as to how mom on hearing that could bring herself to say “At least we know for sure now” I just don’t get adults!! I mean how can they be so wrong and still defend themselves!! One perfectly beautiful day wasted transmuting to some remote corner of my city.

Its amazing how accurately I could put the last fortnight in 456 words, (I DID NOT COUNT, u can see them in my word processor)


Thursday, April 10, 2008

fingers and prints,

Lets cut the long story short I sent an incomplete application to DCE ( Delhi College of Engineering ) for their entrance exam CEE ( Combined Entrance Examination, I am not sure about this one , might be ‘Common’ so tell me if I am wrong.).

Slight mistake that can happen with anyone !! ( more to myself than anyone else), but what surprises me is everybody’s response (none of them think on my lines), while my friends think that I was sloshed when I filled up the form, my parents think that it is nothing short of murder ,“they wont let you give the examination”, “how can you be like this Rahul?”, “this is just so idiotic”, “why cant you get up before 9 am?”, “why so you sleep so late?” is what I get from them, ( talk about affection for your offspring!!) . Here is a snippet from a conversation between me and a friend

HER: how can you forget to put the LEFT HAND THUMB IMPRESSION ??( as if it is the most obvious thing she knoes)
ME: the same way I forgot to sign on the IIT form.
HER: you are the limit! Do one thing send another application.
ME: what is wrong with you woman ?? they will set me up for bigamy.
HER: yeah that can happen, you deserve it though, do one thing send it under a different address ( making it sound like the most sensible thing to do, WOMEN!!)

( ohh and I DID forget to sign on my IIT form, but out of the goodness of their hearts, the people at IIT called me up and asked me to come over and sign , simple enough but my mom still thought that I deserved a lecture on my lax attitude !!)

Deciding against taking her advice I sent an email to the nice people at DCE ( I actually want to use pestile little bastards who don’t pick up phone calls…. ) and this what it went like.


I have submitted my application (No 008048) for CEE 2008, through speed post (receipt no. ED387259103IN). My application does not bear the left hand thumb impression, please look into the matter, I can arrive to provide the thumb impression for the form, on any given date, or can send a new form altogether if you so please.

Please look into this matter, and reply back with your suggestions before the last date for submitting of applications for the CEE ( 16th April 2008)

Apologising for any inconvenience caused.

Yours Truly
Rahul Bhatnagar


I wanted to write

'WTF is wrong with you people, who cares about my damn LEFT HAND THUMB IMPRESSION ??'

but I guess this isn’t a BAD email, I guess blogging helps in making you articulate, hope they reply, will follow up with developments.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

and then there were none........

Well ummm……… (Note the repetitive start, its become kind of like a pattern, I’ll have to work on this one…) life hasn’t been all that good. Engineering entrances round the corner, mom dad grueling at home, slight misunderstandings with the person who IS the cause of mom dad grueling at home, slight flu, rain, power cuts, global warming, land degradation, urbanization, inflation, solar variation (well not exactly but I have to make this post big), aldol condensation (science students can relate to this one), Rakhi Sawant ( I am so sick of her hogging around whenever I watch the news), Hargobind Khurana ( do you know him? well nor do I)….. so it goes on

But one thing I have realized is that “life is always as bad as you want it to be” ( Nishka Naidu December 2007 ), I am sure life could have been equally bad if there were none, so hope there never will be none, coz “no matter how your bad life is , there will always be someone out there who would kill to be in your shoes.” (My creation, and a good one at that), so keep smiling because

Real bad things happen only in news papers” (another one from Me, drumrolls!).

PS: On two different days back to back I found certain things behind Punjabi Bagh Club ( New Delhi), first day was a pack of condoms, and day two was an ipill box, no wonder my mom said “ who achhe log nahin hain.” When I enquired about the cars parked there a few years ago, well if one of those achhe log reads this, guys please get a room, ohh and the ipill is an after morning pill. Pictures ?? well I might be from a boys school but I'm no pervert.

After you read this post thank god for your life, and the good and bad things that come with it. Coz that is what I am going to do after writing it. :)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

just above it......

Well just a reminder to you tell you that I am officially above formal schooling. My Computer Science board which happened yesterday, was nothing worth talking about so a post on it would just be full of shit, (Just in case you want to know , there are no sets in the Computer Science paper).

Had a moderately good time yesterday, I mean moms soo change when you outgrow schooling , she funded a crate of breezer for yesterday’s celebration ( I know that’s closer to coke than alcohol , but its a start, something to build on, hopefully) which I finished with a slight help from friends. Coming from my mom that is a stunner I mean heres what happened when I came back home after spending time with friends after 11th finals.

MOM : I think there is something on your teeth, open you mouth for a sec.
MOM : sniffffff…..
ME : Mom what ARE you doing ??
MOM : Nothing. ( in the most innocent tone she could come up with. Keeps her suspicions to herself.)

So Thanks mom for being who you are, and I sincerely hope you arent reading from one of those good parenting books again. :)

Nothing more, well a couple of months back I read an article in a mag called Scientific American, it was about this machine being developed by CERN ( read : big guys who can go wild with technology ) called the LHC ( LARGE something COLLIDER) , the article revolved around how this LHC could cause unprecedented discoveries and might lead to the discovery of the Higgs Particle ( read : undiscovered particle which ‘supposedly’ explains everything) I would have cited references but they are beyond the scope of anyone not pursuing Cosmology from MIT ( if you still want to know just google, but trust me this post will still make more sense than anything you can come across) , so two days ago in the news paper I got to read how someone thinks that CERN is basically screwing around and how the LHC might create a black hole which will destroy Earth and everything I ( and you) know. (Science Fiction anyone?? And to think I used to find X Men Hypothetical, at least they made more sense than what Scientific American has taught me.)

I guess I’ll get to see all my readers when the black hole compresses us to within a square centimeter of each other (Very seriously speaking that IS possible).I’ll follow up with any ‘Important’ developments ( basically if you think there is a black hole on Earth, you know just the right blog to confirm it).

Nothing much really, mom is killing me for IIT ( read : cheap but very popular MIT rip-off) preparation, while I seek to enjoy the finer joys of life. Mom thinks the 2 years at VMC will pay off but frankly all VMC has made me realize is that I don’t stand a chance :). I would rather be who I am than someone who’s over educated and underpaid.