Tuesday, April 1, 2008

just above it......

Well just a reminder to you tell you that I am officially above formal schooling. My Computer Science board which happened yesterday, was nothing worth talking about so a post on it would just be full of shit, (Just in case you want to know , there are no sets in the Computer Science paper).

Had a moderately good time yesterday, I mean moms soo change when you outgrow schooling , she funded a crate of breezer for yesterday’s celebration ( I know that’s closer to coke than alcohol , but its a start, something to build on, hopefully) which I finished with a slight help from friends. Coming from my mom that is a stunner I mean heres what happened when I came back home after spending time with friends after 11th finals.

MOM : I think there is something on your teeth, open you mouth for a sec.
MOM : sniffffff…..
ME : Mom what ARE you doing ??
MOM : Nothing. ( in the most innocent tone she could come up with. Keeps her suspicions to herself.)

So Thanks mom for being who you are, and I sincerely hope you arent reading from one of those good parenting books again. :)

Nothing more, well a couple of months back I read an article in a mag called Scientific American, it was about this machine being developed by CERN ( read : big guys who can go wild with technology ) called the LHC ( LARGE something COLLIDER) , the article revolved around how this LHC could cause unprecedented discoveries and might lead to the discovery of the Higgs Particle ( read : undiscovered particle which ‘supposedly’ explains everything) I would have cited references but they are beyond the scope of anyone not pursuing Cosmology from MIT ( if you still want to know just google, but trust me this post will still make more sense than anything you can come across) , so two days ago in the news paper I got to read how someone thinks that CERN is basically screwing around and how the LHC might create a black hole which will destroy Earth and everything I ( and you) know. (Science Fiction anyone?? And to think I used to find X Men Hypothetical, at least they made more sense than what Scientific American has taught me.)

I guess I’ll get to see all my readers when the black hole compresses us to within a square centimeter of each other (Very seriously speaking that IS possible).I’ll follow up with any ‘Important’ developments ( basically if you think there is a black hole on Earth, you know just the right blog to confirm it).

Nothing much really, mom is killing me for IIT ( read : cheap but very popular MIT rip-off) preparation, while I seek to enjoy the finer joys of life. Mom thinks the 2 years at VMC will pay off but frankly all VMC has made me realize is that I don’t stand a chance :). I would rather be who I am than someone who’s over educated and underpaid.



Japmeet said...

large hadron collider that is and i didnt read the rest of it, forgive me


Rahul Bhatnagar said...

forgiven. :)