Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweet Olives

I guess this is the longest I have gone without a post, frankly because life is such a dud, nothing much is happening these days.

Well I’m writing a book with one of my friends, actually he is the one writing I’m just making sure that the character ‘influenced’ by me isn’t sidelined and being a lucid writer myself my creative inputs can only help ~smile~, (considering I don’t know what exactly does lucid mean, maybe I may not be THAT good), so anyways this book is about the last two years at school , when we come off fresh with straight 90’s in 10 th and look at the world as our oyster, it covers how we dwell into the finer joys of life, like hanging out at Priya’s, Rajinder Da Dhaba, Hookas, Drums of Heaven, Hash, McDonalds (well I’m not exactly the Happy meal kid but hasn’t every grown up in a McDonalds), when we start looking at the rainbow as something more than just the dispersion of light and when we realize that girls are more important than the Law of Radioactive Decay. Frankly if some other 17 year old told me about his intentions to write a book I would have seen LAME written all over him, and even though I know that the book is most probably going to be shelved I really cant help but acknowledge how important these two years have been, and even though I might not be able to dedicate a book to them I have at least dedicated a post. Ohh and Sweet Olives is the tentative name for ANONYMOUS’s book, dude if u read this I hope I don’t get a notice for plagiarism.

On a related yet different topic I went to DCE today ( see last post – ‘fingers and prints’) or more like I was forced to drive to what looked liked West Bengal by my angel of a mother. The campus is just huge and looks really deserted, on reaching there I was told that I would be called to complete the errors in my form and I should not have come without being called, which was almost word to word of what I had been screaming at my mother for the past week. Its shocking as to how mom on hearing that could bring herself to say “At least we know for sure now” I just don’t get adults!! I mean how can they be so wrong and still defend themselves!! One perfectly beautiful day wasted transmuting to some remote corner of my city.

Its amazing how accurately I could put the last fortnight in 456 words, (I DID NOT COUNT, u can see them in my word processor)



Anonymous said...

U dont com across as som1 that young with the way u rite. Impressive

A Shade of Blue said...

I can't tell you how nostalgic your post made me. Even my last two years of school were about Priya, McD and Bacchus (that was the only happening place in that area then!).
And yeah, you don't sound 17 at all! I agree with anonymous!

Japmeet said...

lol Rahul seems u've grown up! :P
By the way nice post.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@anonymous:Thanks a lot, but next time leave some detail, atleast a name :). And u make 17 sound more like 10. But thanks a lot.

@a shade of..:Guess I'd be feeling nostalgia in a few years too. Thanks it feels nice when someone's whos blog you like compliments.

@japmeet: ??? I'm sure u didn't even read it though!!

karan said...

what do you want me to write?
"hey rahul, i like the name 'sweet olives'" ?
there you go..

sukhda said... i gt who the friend is...
neway!! i do like the name "sweet olives"

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@karan:Man nice to see how little impact the last two years of school have had on the school head boy, only if you prefered hanging around to the cannizzaro reaction.

@sukh: I know its a nice title, all credits to ANONYMOUS.

Anonymous said...

Hey you remind of my school days, the kick you got in 11th and 12th is just universal, even i realised that the rainbow is more than the dispersion of light. Best of luck for your book, I am quite sure it wont be shelved.

Japmeet said...

@ anonymous
LoLz I hope the same as well,, we don't want people to be walking around doing the same things our hero here is doing,,tough luck Rahul :p

Japmeet said...

LoL u're getting famous via blogger! i think i should retire back to my orkut and newly re-made facebook accounts!