Thursday, April 10, 2008

fingers and prints,

Lets cut the long story short I sent an incomplete application to DCE ( Delhi College of Engineering ) for their entrance exam CEE ( Combined Entrance Examination, I am not sure about this one , might be ‘Common’ so tell me if I am wrong.).

Slight mistake that can happen with anyone !! ( more to myself than anyone else), but what surprises me is everybody’s response (none of them think on my lines), while my friends think that I was sloshed when I filled up the form, my parents think that it is nothing short of murder ,“they wont let you give the examination”, “how can you be like this Rahul?”, “this is just so idiotic”, “why cant you get up before 9 am?”, “why so you sleep so late?” is what I get from them, ( talk about affection for your offspring!!) . Here is a snippet from a conversation between me and a friend

HER: how can you forget to put the LEFT HAND THUMB IMPRESSION ??( as if it is the most obvious thing she knoes)
ME: the same way I forgot to sign on the IIT form.
HER: you are the limit! Do one thing send another application.
ME: what is wrong with you woman ?? they will set me up for bigamy.
HER: yeah that can happen, you deserve it though, do one thing send it under a different address ( making it sound like the most sensible thing to do, WOMEN!!)

( ohh and I DID forget to sign on my IIT form, but out of the goodness of their hearts, the people at IIT called me up and asked me to come over and sign , simple enough but my mom still thought that I deserved a lecture on my lax attitude !!)

Deciding against taking her advice I sent an email to the nice people at DCE ( I actually want to use pestile little bastards who don’t pick up phone calls…. ) and this what it went like.


I have submitted my application (No 008048) for CEE 2008, through speed post (receipt no. ED387259103IN). My application does not bear the left hand thumb impression, please look into the matter, I can arrive to provide the thumb impression for the form, on any given date, or can send a new form altogether if you so please.

Please look into this matter, and reply back with your suggestions before the last date for submitting of applications for the CEE ( 16th April 2008)

Apologising for any inconvenience caused.

Yours Truly
Rahul Bhatnagar


I wanted to write

'WTF is wrong with you people, who cares about my damn LEFT HAND THUMB IMPRESSION ??'

but I guess this isn’t a BAD email, I guess blogging helps in making you articulate, hope they reply, will follow up with developments.


AM said...

not bad dude, you can write.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

thanks , But I'm not sure if you are talking about the blog, the post or the email.

Japmeet said...


Anonymous said...

You should go to their office after the 16th, their adderess is

Delhi College of Engineering ,
New Campus
Bawana Road,
Delhi, India

I dont think they would reject your application for somthing like this though.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@japmeet- ahhhhh
@anonymous- fingers crossed.

sukhda said...

lol...seems as if you're instructing them to bloody LOOK into the baad ya!!

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Sukh, this isn't my scrapbook, try to make sense here.:)

Swati said...

hey..i guess i m rite. we r rowing in the same boat to some extent.Yours is the same story but with some more twists.But there is no need to worry coz same thing happened with me in jan. i forgot to put my thumb impression on my form.i jst infrmed the insti. ppl nd they didnt rejct my form.they jst tld me to gve the imprint on the day of the ntrnce at the examination centre.thats all.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Finally advice that feels nice!! Thanks.

imperfect said...

Ahh.. filling up forms.
I just filled my law entrance form. Filled in wrong preferances. Somehow managed to get it right btw. :)
And somehow it was associated with me sleeping late. I wonder why!

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@imperfect:Sorry did'nt see your comment earliar.

Well things did work out, from Dad's tone I guess every mistake I will ever make will always be associated with me sleeping late.:)