Wednesday, June 15, 2011

22° 15' N, 114° 10' E

You know you need to start blogging with a vengeance again when.

1. Your blog has 3 posts in the past year.

2. Almost ALL posts begin with an explanation of how you just ‘haven’t’ been able to write

3. You consistently get ‘welcome back' comments, sometimes on consecutive posts.( Yeah THAT is how far apart my ‘second-comings’ are.)

4. You forget your blogger password and after abusing yourself for not using gmail like normal people, you go through a slew of security crap to reclaim you account.

5. You start posts with pointless lists, because you’ve pretty much forgotten what you used to write about.

6. You want those lists to end on even numbers. (Doesn’t really fit here, but I think it’s self explanatory)

So here I am, hopefully with a new hope and a chance at redemption (It’s kind of cool how I’m making this sound like an 80’s Amitabh Bachchan movie, all I need now is a frail ailing mother and a close confidant who ends up being in league the evil politician/police-commissioner /drug-lord.)

Will definitely write more often now, I’m in Hong Kong for this month and a half anyway,(Yes the title gives the latitude and longitude, yes that IS weirdly geeky), so yeah let’s see if I can pull off the ‘in a foreign land’ bit on my blog. In case I can't, I swear I’ll compensate by adding some close-up high-def pictures of a tree/butterfly/blade-of-grass (apparently THAT’s cool, oh and even though I ALWAYS find it lame when people upload photographs in which they’re standing next to buildings/cars/dolphins/etc in [insert country name], I’ll probably do that too) right after I save enough from my salary to buy a camera (I’m going through a very ‘khuddar’ phase after my phone and camera were STOLEN from my room in college, actually, the ‘khuddar’ part is just to make me feel better about my parents not trusting me enough to spend money on me anymore.:))

Have already spent two weeks here, nothing much to state, except for how my room is barely the size of a double-bed and that I usually have a very Sheldon-Cooper-esque white board in front of me, oh and the food is pretty much plain rice with boiled stuff.



P.S. Update on the last post, it seems like Anonymous might just not get married this year. :|


Poulomi said...

Three things.

1. Love the title name.

2. Love those points ending with an even number. :P

3. and, enjoy your stay at Hong Kong :)

Shruti said...

Interesting blog.

Shall visit again.

Zeba said...

I am doing the whole in foreign land bit. Not too bad. Avoiding pictures in front of buildings and stuff, but mind you, the temptation is too great. Kudos to me then. :-) I am back to blogging after a whole year. So yes. There is hope. Too bad on things getting stolen. Save up for that camera. It will be worth it.

Missy said...

..And I would have thought you'd be giving me daily updates from the HK!!

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@Poulomi: Thanks! Especially for the title-complement, generally people hate how 'blah' I can get, so yeah, Thanks:)

@Shruti: Gracias!

@Zeba: Ooh, I have a ton of pictures in front of buildings and stuff now, and on some level I DO want to put them up, I'll try to be strong

@Ankita: I did to.:(, but I AM working on it.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@Poulomi: *compliment. Stupid touchscreen spellcheck....

CRD said...

Hehe. Twas fun reading your post.

I myself have found it hard to blog in the past year or so. I intend to post atleast once a month. I guess working in a corporate and travelling 3 hours a day for work is fodder enough :P


Anonymous said...

Your blog seems interesting so far. :)

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Hey thanks :).