Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking it in. (eww)

I will henceforth blog daily often!

Not like that's a very enticing resolution, but hey, I do need some positive reinforcement from time to time. (For those of you who know, I picked this up in psychology, which we are coincidentally taught at the Indian Institute of Technology.)

You know this is the toughest bit to write in post, yeah, right after when you fill in some memorised and rehearsed snippet to start with and then reach the bit when you have no idea where to go to, believe me, I mean, I’ve actually been staring blankly at the cursor blinking at my face for the last 15 minutes... umm yeah, that’s enough of a peek into my near-comatose mind state. I really don’t want to scare away the select few, who actually bother reading this far into a post.

So basically my life’s hit an all time low, and I know that I write that at least once every post, but that's my life I guess, it keeps hitting them. Consistently. Here’s why

1. I got my laptop, and all I’m doing on it is spending 90 minutes writing a blog post that's going around in circles.

2. I am suffering from a ‘How I Met Your Mother’-hangover, which somehow adversely affects my facebook status messages. (Yeah I do blindly copy one-liners, even when people know where they‘re from...)

3. I have NOT messed up my academics! Well, not yet at least. (Okay, this one isn’t all that bad, just HAD to state this on my blog :))


5. I just saw the cursor blink 20 times and pressed enter in the last one! Damn!

So there’s nothing important happening in my life right now. But surprisingly, even when I spend precious time driving home this seemingly trivial fact to you all, it makes me smile (yeah I do that too :)). Maybe life isn’t about living through the important things, it’s about going through these blank ones in between. (complete WTF-ness to kick ass philosophy in two sentences, nice.)



P.S: Hope you like the little inferences I’ve drawn in this post, cause, I’ve just found the mantra for the rest of my life (definitely, the next 15 minutes of it.)

(I will also cut down on bracket use.)

P.P.S: On a related yet different topic I’ve always wondered why women have such expressive eyes. I mean, isn’t that what we buy pets for? :)


Apparently Intellectual said...

:D your post made me laugh! (may be i just laugh too much at every silly thing) through the blanks in between (or whatever you said)..i agree.
And people, he stood 2nd in his class.

And cmon life isnt this dull man, You are home! You are in Delhi. Go out and have fun instead of whining abt it. Sachi!

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Hey i wrote this post when I WASN'T in Delhi. And speaking of home, I'm leaving tomorrow. THAT is something I CAN whine about Prachi Bansal!

shantanu said...

hi sir, i'd like to say that that when the blanks are rather prolonged, one tends to despise them.the real test of a person is how one can go through a rather long listless blank in ones life and come out the same ..perhaps with better perspectives formed and more vitality to not let the blanks make another entry.
ps.u know..i know...brackets are a part of us man...cant imagine writing without em...(yes mrs. bana...stop frowning...)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say youre 'bleh' and i love that!! *for some reason ima post this comment as annon* just that m one of those people who get too worried for trifles but yea thanks for reminding me i shouldnt.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Hey, Thanks :). Here's hoping I get to see your name on my blog sometime...