Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wish I knew where I'm heading.

Two weeks!! That's how near I could get to my goal of Bi-weekly posting! But for once the lax attitude didn't stem from my tangible lack of determination, rather it was because of a mother who wouldn't let her chicken pox infected son touch a cup (let alone a laptop!). Ohh and sadly thats MY mother I'm talking about.

Well as I sit here and write this post, it feels different. I mean I have spent all 18 years of my life in this city (the last one of which was almost exclusively in my bedroom!) and now, suddenly I realise that this might, well be my last month here (read the update in my last post.). Never having thought of myself as capable of anything even half as emotional it feels weird. I guess that its just the initial moment before moving on that's dilemmatic. At least I hope so. Will miss Delhi if I leave, and will surely value it more if I don't. I hate it when life is so fluid.

Will get back to posting regularly soon, will have to wait a bit though.....at least till my mom realises that It won't kill anyone if I touch MY laptop!!



Zainab Dhanji said...

I'd love to discover new horizons.. love to unveil more of what is beyound the place where i reside, so in that case, venturing out in another place would sound good for me, altho i knw it wuld be tough!
Get well soon and happy to know u have such a caring mother =)

nitya said...

you write well. and you made me miss delhi. not like i dont that everyday .. but anyways . keep it up :)

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@ Zainab: Yeah, its just the decision to cross over thats difficult and you don't find people caring when you have to use the internet in 5 minute shifts. But yeah, shes right in her own way. Mothers always are.

@ Nitya: You would miss Delhi a lot more if your family was shouting 'GAUHATI' for the past week! And thanks a lot, I wouldn't say that I write well though, considering that it took me 3 years of blogging to get one compliment!

Zainab Dhanji said...

=) makes me want to smile but on the same time, I'd say don't take people for granted and specially not if they are LOVING! Its not abt right or wrong, its about who cares enuf to go around taking care of someone who needs it. In case u are wondering, I'd tell u... I have made mistakes, and so i go lecturing people do not do that lol

Swati said...

i can really understand.i was in your shoes last year and was going through this same phase when clouds of uncertainity were looming large.
But this uncertainity makes things more exciting.You will see it soon.All the best and yes, welcome back. :)

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@Zainab: Point taken. Thanks for showing so much of concern. But trust me, my mom is the last person I can take for granted, and she'll make sure it stays so. :)

@Swati: I don't know about you, but in my world Gauhati will never sound exciting! Ohh and thanks a lot. I was hoping you'd comment.:)

imperfect said...

Your intellect when you write and when you talk are poles apart!
and trust me , you sound a million times better on blogs! ;)