Monday, May 11, 2009

11 months, 14 days and 19 hours later.....

Okay, long time… well things have changed since the last time I blogged, then I looked at blogs as if they were the outlet to your clogged thoughts that needed to be shared because they eat you up from within (man I must have felt so British, right?), but now it seems that anyone with a laptop can start a blog churn out posts get ads and get money ( I’m not criticizing anyone, on the contrary that’s what I’m hoping!!) . Okay the last year has been umm different, basically I dropped a year to give the damn engineering entrances again, but trust me you learn very little life skills while preparing for IIT. What you do learn life skills from is a long distance relationship, a dad whose topped every exam he ever gave (even the ones at St. Stephens and IIM –A), a nagging mother who cooks to kill and a bitch of a best friend who thinks that every moment not spent abusing you is a moment wasted.

Well I would love to give you a blow by blow account of last year, but as my entire life can be summed up in half a dozen bullet points (half of which I have already forgotten), its difficult to look back and try to summarize about a year that went by in needlessly pondering over fat books that I’ll never see again (it feels so nice to write that!) Okay well atleast the four things that I did learn are:

  1. There’s more to life than what you hit your car into.
  2. Beer tastes better at this side of eighteen (its still illeagal though).
  3. There are three cube roots of 1.
  4. Read above.

On the whole not quite a lot…. And that is a valid explanation for why I am just rambling along and not sticking to any topic., I’ll try to blog regularly from now on though (just a bit of advice though, try betting on something else, like a dead horse!), about my life and the little incidents that make it exciting, and incase I do run out of such incidents I can obviously write songs and poems, in English that I obviously won’t understand and make myself sound like a 12 year old pregnant girl whose suffering is contained within my soul…. ( I can soo picture myself stooping to that level, man the day you stop reading stuff like that, people will stop writing it!!).



Update :

IIT JEE AIR - 1313.

AIEEE AIR - 684.

BITSAT - 373.

*AIR= All India Rank


imperfect said...

How come u didn't mention me anywhere as a part of your life last year.
Hmpphh! this makes me angry! :P
Welcome back!

Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Haven't heard much from you. I did visit this space for a while but I thought it had met it's end.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...


@Abhshek:Yeah, I thought so too. Wish I had your commitment towards blogging.

Devanshi said...

Hey Rahul, this post of yours makes me think you'd really appreciate (and perhaps want to be a part of) the workshops I organise, that are at least attempting to impart life skills and much more:)

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