Sunday, October 7, 2012


Just got the answer-script for a course I have this semester called Optimization. If you've done linear programming in school it's just like that on steroids and multiple dimensions. Anyway, due to a substantial lack of attendance I was compelled to come up with my own method to attempt the exam, I remember walking out of the examination hall feeling all full of myself and prodigious but THIS is how my answer in the one question exam was marked.

'"Wrong" procedure, in the sense Not (sic) taught in class. Don't be Prof Einstein.'

I guess there's a reason why the course was not called 'Innovative Optimization'.


P.S. Yeah the handwriting's always sucked. :)
P.P.S. And I DID give up on meaningful titles a while back.


Shruti said...

Heh! I HATED LP. Still do, in fact.

The title gives me a very creepy feeling and reminds me of this fanfiction I read where Snape had a fivesome with the teletubbies. :|

Red Handed said...

I hate those stupid creatures!! so wobbly :/
and the pic...epic! :D