Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ta da!

Pardon the enthusiasm apparent from the title, We'll I haven't blogged with such consistency since 4-odd years ago, I guess there ARE some similarities between the last year of college and the last year of school but I might also be motivated by the fact that a month or so ago, one of my cousins started this food-centered blog, and she ALREADY has more followers than me (by more than a factor of 10!) I would have put a link to her blog, but that would just lead her back to here.

Ah well, I guess not being particularly good at something in this world which is centered around interest groups does sort off make you wish you were born into tribe that talks in clicks. So yeah, I've clearly lost to my sister, the Valkyrie of culinary literature, but this is about me and MY life, brace yourself. 

I remember a quote that I came up with some time ago, (and also acted quite smug about. yeah I do THAT) "You don't need a series of life altering events to alter your life." Well, for the past 6 odd months, I've had nothing BUT 'life altering events', that go from cracking ribs, run-ins with cops, major career-threatening fuckups at college, over-the-top dramatic heartbreak and almost single-handedly messing up the lives of two close friends. So yeah, you might not need life altering events to alter your life but they sure tend to speed up the process when they occur.

I hope haven't really reached a 'self proclaimed motivational speaker' on the annoying-persona scale, but I did come up with a kick ass analogy. Try answering this:

What'll happen if you take a shot of [insert desired drink] for all those things in life that have turned out worse than you expected them to?

a. I'll be staring sober at an unused glass and a filled bottle.
b. I'll be tipsy.
c. I'll be [insert expletive] drunk.
d. I'll be dead from alcohol poisoning before midnight.

Let's face it, the odds of you meeting a genie as she tap-dances down a rainbow and grants you 3 wishes are probably more than you choosing (a), in all probability you'll be somewhere between (c) and (d), and that my friends, is exactly what's wrong with the world. It's in the definitions of 'expected' and 'worse'. I can't give you solutions or answers but here's hoping I gave you perspective. :)

And in case the last paragraph reminded you of how much trauma you've had to face in life (well it DID intend to!) Here's something that'll make you feel good about yourself. Try taking this personality test, which I remember from my last sems psychology course, it really craps out amazing personality types which serve to remind you how psychology is the perfect pseudo-intellectual equivalent of a horoscope (only here, you won't be unlucky to be born a Virgo or something). Anyway this is what it thought I was. [NOTE: Takes 15 odd minutes]

I would have continued to rant on, but I'm sort off in the middle of setting up my room, that might just take a while, it looked like this till 2 days ago. :)

P.S. From now on I'm totally blogging as often as I used to, also with labels! (In your face uber-successful-blogger-sister!)
P.P.S. Don't judge the room. :)


Zeba said...

Oh the mess! :-O Making a girl giddy that's what. Heh. I like your quote. :-)

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Zeebs said...

I like your room. Looks pretty much like mine, except I have blue walls. I'd have to say I'd be a (d). Although this is conflicting because I'm a girl with no expectations at all... just best interests (that end up being blasphemic for entire humankind).

You're like Lance Armstrong, take comfort in knowing that.

When I did the quiz it gave me a 50/50 cross between ENTP and ENFP. Can people be two things? Glah. Mind-boggling.

covnitkepr1 said...

I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

Shruti said...

"So yeah, you might not need life altering events to alter your life but they sure tend to speed up the process when they occur."

Haha!! Laughed real bad on this one. But its actually quite true.
And that room was something O.O
[Where do you sleep?]

P.S: I am happy that you shall blog often. Its fun & a respite to read your posts. Haven't I said that already? :|

cricketfreak said...

HEY!!! I'm a Virgo!!!
....well, yes, it's a pretty boring sign.
And I just increased the number of your followers by 1.

Red Handed said...

I like how your brain is wired...
a fellow virgoan i suppose :D
BTW lovely setup!! loved how your designed your room under the theme'junkyard' :D

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

@Zeba: I don't live like this usually. Well not EXACTLY like this, I just locked most of my stuff in my hostel room and scooted off for three months. THAT was the outcome.

@Steve: I did.:)

@Zeebs: FINALLY someone who doesn't think that the room is the amalgamation of exactly what's wrong in life. Thanks :).

@Convitkepr1: Done. :)

@Shruti: Thanks for the compliments. I actually wait for your comments, they make me feel real good about myself. As for the room, ^read my reply to Zeba.

@cricketfreak: Thanks :)

@Red Handed : I'm a libran. :)